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Previous Issue ~ Fall-Winter 2019: Volume 53, Numbers 3&4

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Educational Reforms: In Praise of Folly
by Stanley D. Ivie

School Library Research: Publication Bias and the File Drawer Effect?
by Joette Stefl-Mabry, Michael Radlick, Shannon Mersand, and Yenisel Gulatee

Untangling the Trigger-Warning Debate: Curating a Complete Toolkit for Compassionate Praxis in the Classroom
by Victoria L. Dickman-Burnett and Maribeth

Towards a Philosophy of Education for the Caribbean: Exploring African Models of Integrating Theory and Praxis
by Canute S. Thompson, Sheron Fraser-Burgess, and Thenjiwe Major

Book Review: Consciousness and Loneliness: Theoria and Praxis by Ben Lazare Mijuscovic
Reviewed by Joshua Marcus Cragle

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