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Journal of Thought 2012 Vol 47 No 4

Journal of Thought 2012 Vol 47 No 4

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From the Editor, John F. Covaleskie
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Teaching Practitioners about Theory and Practice: A Proposal to Recover Aristotle in Teacher Education by Graham P. McDonough
Intellectual Virtue: The Contributions of Newberry Award Winning Books, 2000-2010 by Suzanne Rice, Arlene L. Barry, & Molly McDuffie-Dipman
A Cure for Narration Sickness: Paulo Freire and Interdisciplinary Instruction by Connor K. Warner
Book Review Rituals and Student Identity in Education: Ritual Critique for a New Pedagogy By Richard A. Quantz with Terry O’Connor & Peter Magolda Reviewed by Joseph Watras
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