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Frequency Asked Questions

What kinds of articles are suitable for the Journal of Thought?

The Journal welcomes scholars work that represents varied viewpoints, methodologies, disciplines, cultures, and nationalities as it seeks to treat the most comprehensive issues and problems confronting education throughout the world. Essays that develop a reasoned and supported argument, that offer insightful analysis and critiques of other arguments, or that report on significant research of interest to the field are welcomed. The editorial goal is to stimulate a warranted synthesis of diverse viewpoints and to encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dialogue.

What manual of style should be used?

Use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition, APA). See Submission Guidelines for details.

Based on what criteria are article submissions evaluated?

Reviewers use the following rubric to evaluate article submissions. JT_Reviewer_Evaluation_Form After a reviewer has evaluated a submission, his or her feedback is sent to the editor.

How long does it take for the editors and reviewers to make a decision about a manuscript?

During the academic year, the response time is approximately fourteen to sixteen weeks. Manuscripts submitted in the late spring and summer may take additional time.

How long does it take for a manuscript to be published after it is accepted for publication?

The time frame for publication after a manuscript has been accepted varies depending upon a variety of variables. For example, thematic and guest editor issues are often published at a slower pace than are non-thematic issues. Generally, however, manuscripts are published within twelve months after the time an author is notified that her or his manuscript has been accepted for publication.

May an article that was initially not accepted be submitted to the journal again after revisions?

Yes, however it is recommended that authors do not resubmit manuscripts if the reviewers feedback indicates that the research is inappropriate for the Journal of Thought and its readership.

Can an article that has already been published, but that has been updated, be considered for publication?

Ordinarily, no. Conversely, studies that are based upon prior research but which are substantively different in a current article draft are welcomed. To be substantively different the current research study must be significantly different in methodology, findings, and/or conclusions.

How do I submit my manuscript?

Please refer to the submission page of this site for detailed instructions on how to submit your manuscript.

How can I get a hard copy subscription or a back issue of the Journal of Thought?

Journal of Thought hard copies are available through Caddo Gap Press