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Previous Issue ~ Summer 2013: Vol 48, Number 2

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Introduction Suzanne Rice
Bringing Educational Thought to Public School Lunch: Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Susan Laird
Postmodern Dietetic: Reclaiming the Body through Practice of Alimentary Freedom Matthew T. Lewis
Time to Eat: School Lunch and the Loss of Leisure in Education Kipton D. Smilie
Let’s Sit Together: Exploring the Potential for Human Relations Education at Lunch Jennifer Ng, Holly Morsbach Sweeney & Melinda Mitchiner
Midday Eating While Learning: The School Cafeteria, Homeschooling, and the Open Campus High School A.G. Rud
It IS about Chicken: Chick-fil-A, Posthumanist Intersectionality, and Gastro-Aesthetic Pedagogy Bradley D. Rowe
Three Educational Problems: The Case of Eating Animals Suzanne Rice
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