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Previous Issue ~ Fall-Winter 2015: Volume 49, Numbers 3 & 4

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Coming to Understand Experience: Dewey’s Theory of Experience and Narrative Inquiry
by Derek A. Hutchinson

Curriculum Differentiation: Isocrates, Not Plato
by James R. Muir

Platforms, Purpose, and Pedagogy: Reclaiming Context and Resisting Technology with Participatory Media
by Daniel G. Krutka

“Pedagogical Reading”: The Aesthetics of Attending in Reading and Student Work
by Chris Osmond

Book Review
Feeling Lonesome: The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuscovic
Reviewed by Joshua Marcus Cragle

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Back Issues 2007 – 2014 Available

Back issues of Journal of Thought from Volume 42 to Volume 48 (2007 to 2014) are posted on this website, with each article from each issue as a separate PDF file. Scholars are welcome to access articles on line or download article files for their personal reading. All articles are copyrighted by Caddo Gap Press and are not to be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission from Caddo Gap Press.

Printed copies of many of these back issues are available from Caddo Gap Press for $50 each. Printed copies of many of the earlier issues from Volumes 1 to 41 are also similarly available. To inquire about availability of any specific printed issue, please contact Alan H. Jones, Publisher, Caddo Gap Press, at


Vyacheslav Khrapak
Journal of Thought

Previous Issue ~ Summer 2013: Vol 48, Number 2

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Table of Contents
Introduction Suzanne Rice
Bringing Educational Thought to Public School Lunch: Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Susan Laird
Postmodern Dietetic: Reclaiming the Body through Practice of Alimentary Freedom Matthew T. Lewis
Time to Eat: School Lunch and the Loss of Leisure in Education Kipton D. Smilie
Let’s Sit Together: Exploring the Potential for Human Relations Education at Lunch Jennifer Ng, Holly Morsbach Sweeney & Melinda Mitchiner
Midday Eating While Learning: The School Cafeteria, Homeschooling, and the Open Campus High School A.G. Rud
It IS about Chicken: Chick-fil-A, Posthumanist Intersectionality, and Gastro-Aesthetic Pedagogy Bradley D. Rowe
Three Educational Problems: The Case of Eating Animals Suzanne Rice
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